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enter your playlist & WIn!



Check out a playlist of my favorite acoustic songs right now.

Create your own acoustic playlist and ENTER TO WIN an Anxiety T-shirt and to have your playlist featured on my Spotify profile!


1. Create a 10 song playlist of some of your fave acoustic songs, including 'Anxiety (Acoustic)'.

2. Share a picture of your playlist online, tag @tatianademaria and use #AcousticSongsAnxiety so I can find it.

3. Paste your playlist URL below, so I can listen!


    Not sure how to share? Here's a how-to: Desktop | Mobile

Deadline to enter is 5PM EST this Saturday.

Winner will be announced this Sunday 26th July on IG Live at 7pm EST.

My private messages get a little crazy full on IG & FB so pls do the above to make sure I can catch your playlists and don’t miss them.

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