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NFT & Blockchain Consulting


About Tatiana

Tatiana DeMaria is a British-Lebanese songwriter, singer and producer, drawing inspiration from alt-rock, R&B, and hip-hop to create a sound that’s all her own. Her catchy melodies and honest lyrics have been featured in movies & television shows as well as global advertising for brands like Pepsi & 7UP. Aside from her work as a musician, which remains her number 1 priority, she’s also a blockchain & NFT innovator and advisor working with numerous companies on their NFT platforms while amassing over 70K followers on her crypto-focused TikTok in less than a year. She also minted and sold the first guitar solo NFT on the blockchain.

Since early 2021, Tatiana has helped other artists, brands, and individuals think about their NFT strategy. Quickly recognizing that NFTs offer an entirely new way to connect to your community, add value & make money. 


As a consultant, Tatiana helps individual & corporate clients who are looking for additional help as they navigate this new space.


1-on-1 consulting sessions for people looking to dive into NFTs for the first time.

  • Decide what to NFT and how to NFT it

  • Identify the right platform for you

  • Understand what NFTs are trending right now

  • Set up wallets & other relevant accounts

  • How to market & sell your NFTs


Custom consulting for companies & brands looking for strategic support.

  • Help organizations think through creative & utility aspects of digital assets

  • Understand the technology connected to different NFT options

  • Navigating the marketing and cultural aspects of the NFT space

  • Advice on pricing, launch strategy, platform selection, and roadmap.

  • Advice on how to engage Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) & Influencers

Tatiana has been instrumental in our approach to NFTs and blockchain technology and has become one of our most valuable advisors & partners. Her ability to first understand and then simplify the complexities of the technologies all in the context of real-world application and utility has put her in a class of her own. We would highly recommend her at any stage of a blockchain or NFT project or endeavor.

Chris Carella, Head of Product NACCI & Former Head of Product TEZOS


"Artist by day, blockchain by night"

Even with all the hype, we are just at the beginning of a new phase of utility made possible by cryptographic proof, the blockchain and smart contracts.

Looking to jump in? 

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