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Tatiana DeMaria 'Going To The GoGo'  Limited Edition 8-page comic book created by Marvel artists and writers.


Presented by Discount Anarchy.

Going To The Go-Go Comic Book


    "Tatiana has been instrumental in our approach to NFTs and blockchain technology and has become one of our most valuable advisors & partners. Her ability to first understand and then simplify the complexities of the technologies all in the context of real-world application and utility has put her in a class of her own. We would highly recommend her at any stage of a blockchain or NFT project or endeavor.”

    Chris Carella

    Nacci Head of Product & Former Head of Product TEZOS

    "Tatiana is markedly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of NFT platform and project development. As an artist, she is able to relate to the creative process while simultaneously providing insight to the considerations of a successful project that is equally beneficial for the targeted niche. We greatly appreciate her time and expertise."

    Parth Patel

    Head of Innovation, South Asia Enterprise

    “Tatiana went above and beyond to educate me on the world of NFTs, especially in the realm of collection development. After our meeting, I was left with new inspiration, as well as a finer understanding of the ins-and-outs of the NFT space. Not only is Tatiana a talented musician, she also has the gift to translate the complexities of this movement into a concept that anybody can grasp.“

    Nicolas Bruno

    Artist & Photographer

    "Before my call, I struggled to move past the initial steps of understanding both NFTs and the overall universe of cryptocurrencies. I walked away with the confidence to use the correct platforms, the steps of minting, creating and marketing my digital art.   From details to metamask, interactions on blockchains and all the options available to me as a wannabe creator, she provided me with the tools, links and knowledge to prepare for both collecting and transacting NFTs."

    Erik Hawkinson


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